Because chances are, that dream about running your
own brand didn't include inventory forecasting
and cash flow management.

Every minute not spent focused on growing your brand is time lost in achieving your goals and objectives.
Our turnkey solution eliminates the burden and expense of recruiting and managing your own back office and infrastructure. Socket is by your side everyday to run your business, guide decision making, increase sales, optimize profitability, and make sure you're not stung by the unknown.

  • Access to critical business management resources available only to larger companies
  • Free up mindshare and capital resources to focus on growth
  • Reduced overhead and operating costs
  • Profitability optimization
  • Turnkey management solution for finance, back office, operations and more.
  • Flexible and scalable solutions to meet your needs
  • Cost effective solution to manage and grow without the headache and distraction of recruiting, managing, and housing  operational staff
  • Over 125 years of collective experience managing the biggest names in consumer goods

Some of our clients

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